I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Postcard from the Water’s Edge

Dear Fred, Penny, Charlie, and all the Cuddle
I’m having a lovely time, here at Great Aunt Edna’s, though I do miss you all terribly.
After a lovely little respite I’m feeling ever so much better. I took long walks along the beach and watched the surfers surf. I became so intrigued I decided I must try surfing. After only a few tries I was up and surfing. I wasn’t a hoodad for long.
The surf was up last week. Huge swells came through. It was pumping. And I shot the curl! I was tubed, I rode the barrel. It was far out, it was epic. I was stoked. It was gnarly.
That's me in the top photo, though I'm hard to make out.
The locals are calling me the itty bitty, very colorful Kahuna. They say I’m a natural. This is way better than sky diving!
I may be staying a wee bit longer. There’s a big beach party at the end of summer that I’ve been invited to. It would be rude of me to decline.
Well, I must get my beauty rest. They say surf conditions will be supreme tomorrow morning. No ankle slop.
Maybe I’ll get to ride the perfect wave.
Miss Chloe

The Proxy Posse Post

Hello all. Fred here. Miss Chloe has asked me (and Charlie) to step in for her. So we’re the official proxy posse. Okay, okay. Charlie wants everyone to know he thought that one up. Okay, look I’ve already told them. Miss Penny is busy packing for our next adventure. More on that later.

Yes, Miss Chloe swooned. I grabbed that large flower to fan her, but it really didn’t do the job. She finally came around however, after I sprinkled her with some water. She didn’t much like that.

Miss Chloe is a bit under the weather. She's all tuckered out from saving Mr Wizard and all of Zyzabor. So we’ve sent her off to visit her Great Aunt Edna who has a lovely little cottage right on the ocean's shore. Miss Chloe loves the ocean and visiting with Great Aunt Edna. We think both will do wonders for her.

When she returns we hope to further investigate the time machine sitting in our backyard. Charlie and I found an instruction booklet which we’ve been studying. No? Charlie thinks Miss Chloe needs to get settled back in before we embark on a new adventure. I say, and I think Miss Chloe would agree, it’s best to get right back on the horse!
Okay, okay. Charlie is nudging me to add that we’re not sure how long Miss Chloe will be convalescing at the sea shore, but we all hope it won’t be for too long.

I miss my sweetie terribly, but I know how much she needs this rest. And I mustn’t let on, or she might come home before she’s ready. Yes, yes, okay. Charlie wants me to also add that Miss Penny is well and actually eager to try out the time machine. All this travel has put quite a bit of spunk in Miss Penny, and Charlie likes that. Yes. Look, I just added that. Maybe you should write the next one. I hate backseat writers!

Well, there it is. Charlie, Penny and I are off to play a rousing game of shuffleboard.
So, later gator.
Proxy hugs from
Miss Chloe

Home Again

Was it all a dream?
How we managed to get ourselves out of that predicament and home, none of us knew. One minute we’re on Zyzabor, next minute we’re home, tucked safely in our comfy warm beds. Something to do with red slippers? We just couldn’t remember. But we were home!
We all slept for 10 days! The cuddle was thrilled we were home, but they could see how very tired we were, so they let us sleep and sleep.

Now that we’re refreshed, it’s story time! And it’s been such fun telling them of all our many adventures. I think we’ll have stories to tell for quite some time.

Fred noticed an envelope tucked in his waistcoat pocket. It was addressed to the four of us, from Mr Wizard. We eagerly listened as Fred read us the letter:

To my four wonderful Galactic companions,
You have been a joy to have on board my starship. I had hoped to show you more of the Galaxy, but things didn’t work out quite as planned, as we ran into a few unexpected obstacles.
In the face of danger you showed your true colors. You were all so brave and eager to help, when help was so very much needed. I, and Breahilda, will forever be grateful.
To show my gratitude I have sent along a small gift. It sits just outside your domain.
Use it wisely.
Your friend,
The Galactic Wizard

A gift, Oh goody goody!
We ran down the stairs and looked out back. There stood an odd object. What was it? Fred read the note attached.
It was a time machine!
I think I fainted.
Miss Chloe