I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

The Word

I was clueless.
So I decided to sit full lotus and meditate.
It didn’t take long before all became clear, I knew the word!
Penny, Charlie, Fred and I clasped hands, closed our eyes and I spoke the word.
A swirly thing happened and then we heard music. We opened our eyes to find the word had revealed a portal, which we eagerly stepped through.

We were back on Zyzabor. But not a black and white Zyzabor, this Zyzabor was beautiful, and in living color. In front of us stood Mr Wizard, staff in hand, his flowing robe vibrant with color. Next to him was the lovely Breahilda, glowing in the warm sunlight. The Eerts were there, too. They no longer had angry eyes, their eyes were happy. Magnificently colored flowers were everywhere, and they were singing. It seemed everything was either singing or humming, in the key of C.

The word was the key and the key was music, which lifted the spell that hung over Zyzabor and freeing Mr Wizard.
Mr Wizard, softly smiling, thanked us. As did Breahilda, who told us our pureness of heart was really the key. Our task was done, we could go home whenever we were ready.

I looked down and saw the red slippers had once again made their way to my foot pads. We wanted to stay and enjoy this new found beauty, but we were also eager to go home. So, one last time, we held hands and closed our eyes, while I tapped three times saying “There’s no place like home.”

It seems we fell into a deep sleep, and slept for a very long time. When we awoke, we were home.
Miss Chloe

Pure of Heart

If you are pure of heart
the answer you seek
will impart.
If you can’t you really can
the truth lies
across that span.
Of wisdoms you remember not
truths once known
but now forgot.
The key lies in a single word
the key you will see
when the word is heard.
Miss Chloe


We didn’t know what to make of it. Was it a riddle, was it a rhyme? It must mean something.
Penny wondered why we were looking at her so oddly. Well, at least Penny was back, but from where we didn’t know. She couldn’t recall a thing, she thought she’d just fallen asleep, as she so often does.

A beautiful brightly colored sphere of light floated down toward us. It was Breahilda. She had felt our anguish and heard our cry for help. Though she could do little, perhaps a little would do enough.

Breahilda explained that Penny’s rhyme spoke of opposites and in opposites was the key. That the key wasn’t an object of real, but an essence of thought, which lies within. Turning to me she added, “Look deep in your heart, Chloe, for there you will find the key.”

She could say no more, except that when the task was complete we try the red slippers one more time. She now knew why they hadn’t worked: We were still needed here. Breahilda wished us well and drifted away in her sphere of light.

The thought of going home set our minds wandering. Home, to dance with my lady and laze with the cuddle, to burn brownies and play rousing games of Pinochle.

It was time to go home.
Miss Chloe


What knowledge are they talking about? Within us where? And how will we ever find it?
As we sat pondering our latest dilemma we noticed that Penny seemed far far away.
Staring straight ahead, with eyes glazed over, she murmured:
"If red was green and green was yellow
if you were he and he were thee
if down was up and up was under
if the key is the answer, the answer is the key."
Oh my Oh dear.

Miss Chloe

The Key

We slowly acclimated to the swaying, if not our surroundings. Just what we were in, or how we got in whatever we were in, will remain a mystery to us. But we had our things about us, so we were happy and content.

Cywart invited us to dine with him, so we put on our finest and joined him for dinner. The dining room was exquisitely decorated with crystal chandeliers, tapestry wall hangings, plush carpeting and velvety red drapes. No odd brown rubbery walls to look at here. Perhaps we could get some tapestry for our walls.
Dinner was more like a feast and we all ate far too much. It was delightful. We then adjourned to a lovely sitting room, where Cywart told us of our quest.
Our Quest?

He went on and on, but here’s the scoop:
Mr Wizard, aka the Galactic Wizard, was cunningly captured and is being held by the Eerts, who tried to capture us as well. But that didn’t work, as Breahilda came to our rescue. She couldn’t free Mr Wizard, as he was deep underground and heavily guarded from above.

Breahilda’s evil twin sister Mourghilda was behind Zyzabor’s fling into the outer limits and for their black and white predicament. The Eerts wanted to again be in good favor with the other planets. But to do so they needed Mr Wizard’s help. (They could have just asked.)
They also needed the key. And it wasn’t in Mr Wizard’s power to get it. It was in ours.

Unbeknownst to us we had been given the knowledge to find the key and it was now all up to us. To use that knowledge, to find the key.
Oh my.
Miss Chloe


Our trip was pleasantly uneventful. Mr Wizard knew we enjoyed eating and reading, and sleeping, so he saw to it that the fridge was well stocked, along with an ample supply of books and pillows. How absolutely delightful.
This lovely trip was all too short. Before we knew it we were circling Syzar, Cywart’s home planet.

Little could be seen out the small windows, but what we did see appeared a bit overexposed. There were two suns and the surface looked bare, bleak, and barren. Not at all pretty.
We landed near a bunch of bumps in the ground. The bumps had funny ridges and long things sticking out. How odd. I wasn’t much liking Syzar.

We were readying ourselves to disembark, presumably by way of the door, when Cywart led us to a small room. We were asked to stand together in a circle, under what looked like a giant old-fashioned hair dryer. Cywart then pulled a lever and we disappeared. He could have warned us.
For the longest split second of our lives, we were nowhere. We had no form, no substance. It was like red slipper traveling, but far more unsettling, as we were awake for this trip. Thankfully it was short and fast.

We reappeared in another such room. Our legs were all wobbly as we stepped out of the circle. We tried to get our footing but the room was swaying, like the SS Bearington did. I had to stop and savor the memory of the South Seas.
We were escorted to our quarters, where we found all our belongings. Charlie’s camera, my fur, everything was there! Oh how lovely!

But the room itself was quite unusual. The walls were a grayish color, and rubbery, with no windows. This room too was gently swaying. Were we in motion? Fred and Charlie decided to go investigate. Penny and I stayed behind, being content just to have our things about.
They returned rather quickly, their faces a bit pale. When they told us where we were our faces grew even paler.

We were in one of those bumps we’d seen. And we were swaying because the bump was moving. All the bumps were moving. We were in a living breathing moving bump. A caravan of bumps.
Oh my.
Miss Chloe