I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Still on Bwanha-Hana

Just a quick note. We sail with the tide. I hope.
Yes, we’re still on Bwanha-Hana. For several days the captain of the Bearington and most of his crew were no where to be found. As it happens, they were off on a drinking binge. They apparently consumed large quantities of Orange Crush, then had to sleep it off.
Meanwhile, we paraded up the mountain with the happy locals. It was a very unusual parade, I must say. Lots of strange singing. It was a long parade and a long walk, my feet were hurting. But we finally arrived at the top, where we could look right in to the volcano.
Then the chief asked the most curious question. He wanted to know if we’d like to donate ourselves to the greater good, by jumping in. Penny and I thought it was a lovely compliment. After some thought the fellas suggested that perhaps we should graciously decline, though agreed it was a flattering offer. Penny and I didn't argue the point. We told the chief how appreciative we were, then scurried back down the mountain, well ahead of the parade. I’d completely forgotten about my sore feet!
We were so glad to be back on flat land, I must admit, we too indulged in a few too many Orange Crushes.
Bwanha-Hana is a most peculiar island, and I can’t say that we’ll miss it. We have no idea where we’re headed next, but we’re hoping our next port of call will be a little tamer and a lot more relaxing.
Till then.
Miss Chloe
Oh, yesterday we were introduced to Spencer the spider. A very nice gent. Very interesting and amazingly worldly. We all took to him right off. After a bit of persuading, he’s agreed to come along with us, on our voyage. Isn’t that lovely. We've made a new friend!

Greetings from Bwanha-Hana!

Well, Fred made all the travel arrangements and we never thought to question his judgment. Perhaps we should have. I was expecting the SS Bearington to be a cruise ship, it turned out to be a banana boat.
Penny and I were shocked when we arrived at the dock. There was a tired old boat where a cruise ship should have been. We debated over going, or going home. Did we want to venture forth on a banana boat or go home to the cuddle. We finally decided to go forth, mainly because Fred and Charlie were begging us to. They said the SS Bearington had almost all the amenities of a cruise ship.
Not! The SS Bearington is no cruise ship, or anything that remotely resembles a cruise ship. My mink wrap was totally out of place. And so was I.
However, being the good sport that I am, decided to forego my fur for a sarong and flip-flops. (But I’ll never not wear my diamond earrings!) Penny also packed away her lovely shawl and surrendered herself to wearing more appropriate attire.
Our first port of call is a tiny little island, somewhere in the middle of the south pacific. It’s called Bwanha-Hana. Its inhabitants are very strange indeed. They drink a lot of Orange Crush and give offerings to a volcano. I’m not sure about this place. It’s a bit spooky. I’ll be glad to get back on the Bearington. Never thought I’d be saying that.
Our next stop is, well I’m really not sure. The crew were a bit vague when we asked.
The weather, however, has been lovely. I’m wearing my large safari hat to protect myself from the sun. I wouldn’t want to fade.
Sorry, but I haven’t found any postcards, or for that matter, any souvenir shops. I don’t see any other tourists, either.
The locals are gathering for some sort of parade up the mountain to the volcano. How curious. They’ve invited us to go along. They’re all dressed up and insist we do the same. We’ve accepted, of course. It’d be rude not to. I think I’ll wear my fur.
So we’re off on another adventure.
I’ll try to write from our next port of call, wherever that may be.
Miss Chloe

It's So Exciting!

Oh, you just won’t believe…
Fred won the lottery!
I didn't even know he played the lottery.
So Charlie, Penny, Fred, and I are off on a world cruise. We're sailing on the SS Bearington.
Our bags are all packed and we leave this evening. Maybe we'll even get to go on safari!

I'm wearing my diamond earrings and my lovely fur stole. Penny will wear her favorite lovely shawl, with flowers in her hair (she's our little hippy). Fred will wear his top hat and spats and Charlie is going to wear his best bow tie and cufflinks. And, of course, Charlie will be bringing his camera. After all, we'll be world travelers, so we need to look the part.

My lady is sad to hear we're going away, but also very happy for us. The cuddle has promised to keep her company while we're gone.
We will miss the cuddle so very much, and my lady, but we'll be back.

Oh I am so excited! I should be napping with the cuddle right now, but I simply can't sleep. I am just too excited!
I'll try to write as often as I can, that is if I can find a computer to borrow. Maybe on the ship.
I made this lovely collage last night, of me! It's big big big! To keep you from missing me too much, while we're away. I hope you like it. I also did my blog ocean blue, just for you!

I don't even know what our first port of call will be. I don't know which way we're sailing. But it doesn't matter. It'll all be so lovely.
What an adventure we'll have!

I must run. Penny needs help choosing which flowers to wear in her hair, Charlie can't find the spare batteries for his camera, and Fred is looking for a cane to take. I think he thinks he's Fred Astaire. What would they do without me!
Bon Voyage, my friends!
Group Hug,
Miss Chloe

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
Fred and I were the Grand Marshals of this years Cuddles Easter Parade. We had more participants, as our cuddle seems to be growing, making our parade even more fun. Everyone was decked out in their finest. We all looked so very lovely. I wore my favorite Easter hat!
Afterwards, we went Easter egg hunting. Someone surreptitiously hid lovely colored eggs for us to find. I found one in my toothbrush holder and another in a lamp socket. Fred found one in his trouser drawer and Penny found one in with her hair curlers.
We found unusual foot prints in some baby powder I’d gotten on the floor. (I love baby powder. It smells so pretty.) They don’t belong to any of us. I wonder if our mystery egg hider made them.
I started reading the dictionary! I’ve decided to use a new big word every day. My first new big word is surreptitiously, which I surreptitiously used today. Did you notice it? I’m so surreptitiously clever!
Time for a nap.
Miss Chloe

Breakfast in Bed!

This morning Fred and Charlie decided they wanted to surprise Penny and me with breakfast in bed. They made pancakes. They couldn’t find any strawberry jam, which I’m extremely fond of, so they used raspberry salsa. It didn’t look appetizing enough, so they added a few marshmallows.
Smiling from ear to ear Fred and Charlie proudly presented us with this most unusual breakfast, complete with some pretty yellow flowers. It was so sweet of them. The pancakes, however, weren’t. But we didn’t let on. We ate a few bites then, when they became preoccupied with their shadows, tucked the rest under a pillow.
Afterwards, we looked through some of my lady’s bins today. It’s always so much fun. We found some items we couldn’t identify but were quite lovely. Then Penny pulled out a scrap of fabric and I gasped with excitement. The fabric looked like me! Penny found my ancestors, it’s my genealogy! The discovery simply took my breath away.
It was a just a tiny snippet. We searched for me, but no more was to be found. Still, it’s something. What a wonderful find!
Now we’re off on a scavenger hunt.
Miss Chloe
Oh, Charlie took this picture when I wasn’t looking. He’s such a sweet sneak. Aren’t I pretty!


Fred showed up for pinochle, last night (well, not technically, since it’s now tomorrow) covered in bits of fur. He told me he glued them on because he wanted to be a furry bear. I was horrified by the sight of him.
He then shouted April Fool! I was so relieved to find he’d just wrapped himself in fur and wasn’t permanently affixed in fur. Wish I had my camera with me. He was quite the sight, dripping in tiny pieces of different colored furs.
We had all agreed, no more April Fool jokes, as they were getting totally out of hand. But not Fred, who dances to the beat of a different drummer. Which makes him his lovable self, and my main squeeze. He’s yummy!
Fred and I strolled around the garden afterwards, and after he unwrapped himself of all that fur. It was chilly out, but otherwise quite lovely. I like chilly nights. Fred always puts his arm around me to keep me warm. Yummy yummy.
We were looking for Carl, but couldn’t find him. We did, however, have a very nice chat with a strange fellow sitting in a tree. At first all we could see was his grin. Then his face appeared, then the rest of him. He was uncommonly colorful. How very odd. We chatted a while with this fancy gentleman. He was very friendly. Then he started vanishing, little by little, until once again we could see only his grin. Then poof, it was gone as well. We were very confused.
In the wee small hours of the night, when all the cuddle was fast asleep, I mused about our little adventure and made this picture.

I also wrote a poem:
Tiny little bubbles of green
festively adorn each tree
While birdies flutter this way and that
with mouthfuls of nests to be.
Mason bees busy at work
helping flowers grow
As tree frogs sing their endless song
in the valleys below.
I hear and I see
as never before
life rebirthing
just out my door.

Miss Chloe