I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

A Friend

I made a friend today
who isn’t at all like me.

We don’t look the same
speak the same
think the same.

we look past
we understand
we accept
the other’s differences
and see a friend.

I made a friend today
who is just like me.

Miss Chloe

Greebop, Plymistular!

Greebop, plymistular!
That’s hello how are you, in Serentularian. We’re learning their language. Apparently everyone on Serentular speaks one language.

We left the comforts of the starship and went exploring. It’s a lovely place. And the Serentularians are lovely creatures. They welcomed us with open arms. Yes, they do have arms. Mr Wizard worried over nothing.

This is a very colorful planet. From the sky to the plants to their homes, everything is awash in color. And they love to garden. Most of the flowers I see are blue. Who says it’s hard to get blue in the garden!

And oh oh oh, you’ll never guess what their favorite pastime is. Shuffleboard! It is indeed a small small world.
Must run, they’ve invited us to play. Oh, what fun!
Fractacs (Hugs)
Miss Chloe

Visiting Serentular

Mr Wizard has asked us if we’d like to come along with him as he makes a few galactic deliveries and perhaps visit with a few of his friends. Since we’re so thoroughly enjoying our galactic ride we all agreed wholeheartedly. How very exciting!

We are in a galaxy far far away. And it took only a day to get here. It’s the Astrorippleripple Galaxy. It has several planets, each with several moons. Mr Wizard’s first delivery (of what I don’t know) is to a small community on the northern steppes of the planet Serentular. We were given strict instructions to stay aboard the starship, as our appearance might frighten the townspeople. Our appearance? Well!

We’ve decided to go sneak a peek, anyway. Charlie popped out earlier to take a picture of the brilliant sky, being the windows of the starship are so terribly dirty. And nothing happened to him. So we’re off. I even see a welcoming committee.
I wonder if they do windows.
Tootles and Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Star Date: Tuesday

We climbed aboard this amazingly spacious spaceship, settled in to our very comfy seats and awaited departure. Moments later we were in the air and effortlessly gliding upward. It was smooth sailing.

I was about to ask for a cup of tea when the ship suddenly went into warp speed. We were plastered to our seats and holding on for dear life. Our cheeks were behind our ears.

We finally slowed down and all was calm again. Out our window we could see stars of every color against the blackest black sky we ever saw. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Where we are going we haven’t a clue, but we don’t much care.

Maybe I could get some tea now, maybe even a banana.

Heavenly Hugs,
Miss Chloe

To the Stars and Beyond

Penny is feeling much better. Thank you all for your happy thoughts and clapping your hands. It really worked!

We all received some happy news, which came just moments ago.

The Galactic Wizard has invited us on a starship ride, and we have eagerly accepted!

To boldly go where no bear has gone before.

Charlie, Penny, Fred, and I are heading into the unknown, for the most exciting adventure of our lives.

We're all packed and ready to go. I wasn't sure what to pack, or wear on a starship. So I packed it all and am wearing my finest attire, my fur stole and my diamond earrings. Penny is wearing her best shawl with flowers in her hair, Charlie his best bow tie and cufflinks, and Fred is wearing his top hat and spats.

I’m so excited. We’re all so excited!
We're off!
Fare thee well...

Super Galactic Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Good Bye Koko-Waputa-Kiki!

We spent three more days on Koko-Waputa-Kiki before the engine was finally fixed and we could be on our way. Fred and Charlie debated whether or not to visit that cave again, but finally decided against it. I found this wonderful iron pot. It was half buried and left to rust. Well, I just had to rescue it. So Fred and Charlie volunteered to lug it to the lifeboat for me. Aren’t they sweet!
On our last day on the island a crew member winked at a maiden. Word got back to the chief, who went into a rage. A large band of Waputians then chased us all down to the beach, into our lifeboat and out to the banana boat, which I like to think of as our makeshift cruise ship. They chanted furiously from the shore. What they said, we haven’t a clue, and perhaps that’s for the best. They looked quite angry.

We immediately took up anchor and set sail in the direction the captain thought would get us back on course.
After several days he realized we weren’t exactly where he’d hoped, but maybe close to. He didn’t elaborate and we really didn’t want to ask.
So we are wandering about somewhere in the South Pacific. It’s been lovely, very relaxing, and the weather has been most delightful. We spend most of our time on deck and in deck chairs. Though the other day we did play a rousing game of shuffleboard, for a bit of exercise. We’re getting a bit chubby from all this lollygagging.
We’ve passed many small islands that look ever so intriguing, but haven’t as yet put down anchor. We’re hoping to soon. They all look so lovely, and we four would love to be on solid ground for a bit.

Penny is suffering from a bit of a malady. We’re not sure what it is, but she’s been feeling very much under the weather. We’re all concerned, although Penny tells us not to worry. I think what she needs is some cheering up. So I have a plan.
Remember in Peter Pan, when Tinkerbell was ill and everyone clapped their hands to make her well again?
If all of you sent happy thoughts and clapped your hands, I'm sure Penny would be feeling better in no time. Fred agrees, as does Charlie, who is beside himself with worry. Poor Charlie, he feels so helpless. Penny is his world.
So won’t you help us help Penny? I’m sure it’d make her well again.

The captain just told us we’ll be going ashore on one of these islands real soon, as we need to replenish our supplies. We're nearly out of fresh water and bananas. Hopefully we’ll find some of both.
And maybe some adventure!
But first Penny needs to get well.
Miss Chloe

Of Rain and Monsters

We’re still here on Koko-Waputa-Kiki and having a lovely stay, though it rains quite a lot. It just starts pouring down, and without provocation. And that’s just what happened during my lovely bubble bath.
I was enjoying my little soak, though I would have much preferred flowers to herbs and veggies, when it started raining in torrents. Fred was on a nearby cliff, closely examining an Artocarpus mariannensis, when he heard me shriek. Yes, dainty me shrieked, the rain was spoiling my bath! Without hesitation Fred grabbed hold of a vine, swung down and swooped me from my rapidly cooling bath. How gallant of him!
The locals didn’t seem too happy with Fred, or with me. Perhaps we offended their generosity. Though I dislike offending anyone, I dislike cold baths even more. If not for our language barrier I certainly would have apologized.

Fred and Charlie went spelunking this morning. They discovered a cave and just had to go exploring. Very daring of them, I must say.
Deep down in the cave they found a lake. A lake! And it was somehow naturally lit. They said it was beautiful.
Charlie was about to take a picture of the lovely lake, when something emerged from it. He said it was blue with bulging eyes, a long neck and a bulbous body with scaly protrusions all over. Fred and Charlie gasped and ran. It made an odd noise, Charlie looked back to find it just inches away, staring at him, upside down! It had jumped onto the roof of the cave and suctioned itself there. His camera still in hand, Charlie quick took a picture, then ran to catch up with Fred, who was already at the cave entrance, wondering why Charlie wasn’t.
Even though they thought it quite the intriguing adventure, they won’t be going back. Penny and I are ever so glad.

The engine is nearly fixed and the captain is optimistic we’ll be sailing soon. He’s been studying the stars and his charts, in hopes of finding his way back to civilization. Not that the Waputians aren’t civilized, well perhaps they’re not totally civilized, but very cordial and attentive to their visitors, though I’m gathering they haven’t had many. Where was I, oh, the stars and charts. The captain thinks he may have pinpointed our location and hopes to get us back on course. We’re keeping our paws crossed.
Lovely as it is, we eagerly await our departure from Koko-Waputa-Kiki.
Miss Chloe

A Mother’s Day Gift

The engine is slowly being repaired. The crew had to make some parts from other parts. They’re very clever fellows. They say we should be able to sail in just a few days. I have my paws crossed.

Meanwhile, Fred, Charlie, Penny, and I have been exploring the island. This is a tiny island and perfectly round, which we find most peculiar. We can walk around the island in less than an hour. But it would take us much longer to walk across it, as there is a very tall mountain right in the middle.

Small as it may be, it’s a lovely island, with much to see. The flora and fauna are breathtakingly beautiful. And I think I already mentioned the odd figural objects that are scattered about. One minute we’re admiring a purple plant, next we’re staring at a big tiki thingy. We’ve walked so much we nearly wore the fabric off our feet. Some mending may be in order.

The locals, who call themselves Waputians, have been quite attentive to us. One was measuring Fred, another was poking Charlie’s arm, and another was actually smelling Penny. I’m sure it’s their friendly way of making guests feel welcome, as they have big grinny smiles on their faces. They like us.

So much so, that they’re treating me to a lovely hot bath, in a lovely bathtub (which Charlie took a picture of me in, earlier). Hopefully there will be lots and lots of bubbles. How wonderful! I think they think I’m a mother. And being it’s Mother’s Day, they’re giving me a gift. How lovely!
Telling them I'm not a mother would be rude of me. It might hurt their feelings, as they worked so hard on my gift.

Gotta run. I mustn't be late for my bath. I don't like it when the water gets cold.
Oh, I can see it bubbling from here. Oh good, bubbles!
But what are all those veggies for? And are those roots and herbs?

To all moms, all across the land, sea, and sky…
Happy Mother’s Day!
May you be as pampered today as I’m about to be!

Miss Chloe

Adventure vs The Bubble Bath

We’ve been exploring Koko-Waputa-Kiki, between rain storms that is. It rains a lot on this little island. It’s also a very odd little island. There are statues and figural thingies everywhere. Not too sure what they signify, not sure if I really want to know. Charlie’s been taking some interesting pictures.

The engine is in parts and scattered here, there, and everywhere. The captain and crew are standing around a lot, scratching their heads. I do wish they’d hurry along.

The locals are very skeptical of us and do a lot of huddling and talking in low tones, while looking our way. We can’t speak their language, so they needn’t whisper. Besides, it’s rude.

If the sun ever comes out we’re going to go on a nice picnic, maybe up that mountain there. Fred and Charlie have done quite well with their fishing while Penny and I found lots of berries to pick, even some lovely mushrooms. It’ll all make a lovely picnic lunch.

I wonder where we’ll wind up next. This is all so very exciting! We miss the cuddle, however, and my lady. I do hope they are getting on okay without us.
I also miss my nice hot bubble baths. And my favorite pink pillow. I think I’m homesick.

Tomorrow the sun will shine and we’ll be off on another adventure. I can’t wait!
Miss Chloe


With the cargo hold full of green bananas and Orange Crush we sailed with the tide, saying our final farewell to Bwanha-Hana.
The seas were calm and the sun warm, as we settled in for a lovely sail. We lazied about on the small but tidy deck of the SS Bearington. Penny busied herself knitting a shawl, in bright south-sea colors, Fred and Charlie played rousing games of Canasta, and I read my favorite poetry book, Poems that Touch the Heart. Even Spencer happily relaxed, swaying in his web hammock. All was well.
Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a storm arose and we found ourselves headed straight for it. The captain said we had no choice but to hit it head-on. And so we stayed our course.
It was an awful storm. The captain told us to go below and hang-on. Penny was terribly frightened, I wasn’t far behind. Fred and Charlie tried their best to ease our fears, but to no avail. And poor Spencer was overwhelmed with worry. He webbed himself up as tight as he could, shivering with fright.
The seas were awful rough as the wind and rain beat down on us. The ship was taking on water fast and the engine was sputtering. Being that we were slowly sinking, the crew was ordered to throw our cargo overboard. So all the bananas and all the Orange Crush was tossed over the side. Then the engine failed completely.
We found ourselves adrift at sea. The storm eventually subsided, and with the cargo gone, we managed to stay afloat. We drifted for days. We thought all was lost when the captain spied a tiny island. As our fortunes would have it, the winds took us straight to this little island. We put down anchor and headed ashore in the lifeboat.
It’s a strange looking island. Rugged high cliffs peek out from the thick misty fog that engulfs the island. One cliff face almost looks alive. It resembles a monkey, hanging on. Rather curious looking.
The island seemed uninhabited at first. But we shortly were greeted by a small group of natives. They were very unsure of us, as we were of them, but they finally decided not to cook us for dinner.
The name of the island is Koko-Waputa-Kiki. And here we stay until the crew can fix the engine and plug up all the leaks in the SS Bearington. Which, they tell us, may take a while.
So we’re off to explore the island. And try to stay out of trouble!
Miss Chloe
Oh, Charlie hiked into the jungle earlier and took a picture of that mysterious rock outcropping.