I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

You Can Fly!

Just a quickie, as I'm running late.
We're putting on a play tonight, Peter Pan! My absolute favorite!
Fred is playing Peter, Charlie plays Captain Hook, Penny is Tinker Bell, and I'm Wendy Darling. Charlie and Fred spent hours hooking up this swingy thingy so Fred, I mean Peter, can literally fly on stage. I can't wait to see Fred fly!
Our last play was Romeo and Juliet. Charlie was Romeo and Penny played Juliet. Their acting was sublime. They were spot-on with their speeches. It was wonderful.
Penny got to pick our last play and chose Romeo and Juliet. She’s always wanted to play Juliet. It was my turn to choose, and I picked Peter Pan because I’ve always wanted to play Wendy Darling. Oh what fun we’re going to have!
Fred and Charlie fixed our treasure map and it looks better than new. I wonder how they did that. And I don't see any blue stuff out our attic window. Oh, well.
Gotta run, the audience is getting restless.
Tell me to Break a Leg!!!
Miss Chloe

We Dance

Life is good in the home where I live.
My lady is light and bright and giving. She loves to dance and play and sing.
One day, long ago, she wished upon a star. The wish came to be, and the cuddle came to life.
We rarely cross paths, as we love the night and she the day. But every once in a while, every now and then, we dance. And the world stops spinning for that magical moment.
Miss Chloe

Busy Busy

I slept all day and I’m still sleepy. It’s been non-stop fun around here.
Friday was my birthday and the cuddle threw me a surprise party. It was a grand party, with hats, balloons, games and cake! Penny brought cupcakes, which were divine. We played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, one of my favorite games. And we danced until dawn.
The cuddle got together and gave me a mink wrap. Isn’t it ever so lovely! And it goes perfectly with my diamond earrings. Charlie took this picture.
Last night was our regular Saturday night dance. We were a bit tired from the previous night’s festivities, but we all enjoyed the evening. We so love to dance.

I told you about the treasure map Charlie found a few days ago. Well, Charlie decided to clean it, as it was dirty and hard to read. After sponging it off, Charlie decided to dry it in my lady’s clothes dryer. Poor Charlie, he’s so embarrassed. He nearly destroyed our priceless map. But we let him know it was okay, putting his mind at ease.
Fred and Charlie are now trying to salvage what’s left.
Miss Chloe

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm so excited. The cuddle is throwing me a surprise birthday party. Don't tell them I know!
There'll be cake and ice cream, dancing and party games, and presents! Oh, how I love presents. I'm so excited I can't sleep!!!
My age? Ladies never tell.
Miss Chloe

Treasure Map

We played a little shuffle board tonight. Charlie got bored and started rummaging through an old trunk of my lady's. We don't think it'd been opened for years, if ever. It was in the attic crawl space, all covered with dust. Was it even my lady's? Maybe it's been hidden up here for years and years. The house was built almost a hundred years ago!
Anyway, amongst old papers and whatnots, Charlie found a treasure map! A real treasure map!!!
If we can figure it out, we're going on a Safari-treasure hunt. The cuddle is beyond excited!
Miss Chloe

Lions and Tigers and Bears..

Just popped in for a minute.
During last night’s Pinochle game we discussed our upcoming field trip. Several good ideas were brought to the table and at times there were some heated discussions. But we finally came to a decision. We’re going on a Safari! Looking out our attic window, it's sure to be quite an exciting venture.
Most (not all) other ideas were noted for future outings.
We’re now working out the details of our Safari. And I’ve been searching for the perfect hat!
I found this treasure in yet another of my lady’s bins of goodies. I thought, perfect! It’ll keep the harsh sun out of my eyes and off my face. I am delicate, you know.
Charlie took a picture of me in my hat. I so very love hats! And my diamond earrings!
I’m off. The cuddle likes to lounge around on Monday nights. Our quiet time. And I need to catch up on my beauty sleep.
Safari, here we come!
Miss Chloe

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Oh, what a grand Valentine’s party! Everyone attended, even the manufactured bears. We all had such splendid fun! The lemonade flowed like water, the Trix Mix bowl refilled time after time. Music played and we danced till dawn.
About half-way through the festivities gifts were exchanged. Charlie gave Penny a lovely shawl, its beauty took her breath away. She simply adores it. Penny gave Charlie a Special Police badge, which pleased him greatly.
Fred really like the medallion I gave him. He wore it for the rest of the evening. And Fred, dear Fred, gave me diamonds!
They are lovely! They sparkle and glitter in the light. I may never take them off! Charlie took this picture. Penny has become camera shy.
It was a magical night, thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The cuddle slept the day away. Tonight we play Pinochle, if we can keep our eyes open. I’m still quite sleepy.
We’re planning a field trip. But where, is yet to be decided. Some place fun!
Miss Chloe

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I just love Valentine's Day. I get such pretty things.
Need to go rest up, as tonight's dance should be ever so wonderful.
My gift to Fred is very nicely wrapped. I hope he likes it.
Can't wait to see what he gets me. There's a buzz around the cuddle that it's quite lovely.
Oh for joy, for joy!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Miss Chloe

Flower Power

I went purple!
Do you like it? Is it me? I think it goes well with my vivid complexion.
I also decided I wanted to be a flower-power child. I found these little goodies while rummaging through my lady’s stuff, and put them aside for when I got tired of wearing someone else’s ears. Which was midway through last night’s game of Spoons. My poor paws were getting so sore I needed to take a break, anyway.
I’m a hippie now. Aren’t I pretty?
I have Fred’s Valentine’s Day gift all picked out. I thought I’d show it to you before I wrap it. I’m going to use one of these lovely old hankies to wrap it in.
Isn’t his gift lovely? Do you think he’ll like it? Is it too over the top? It’s very important that I impress everyone.
I found it, too, in my lady’s bins of nonsense. But, honestly, I haven’t a clue what it is. No matter, it's shiny and strikingly lovely.
Wonder what Fred will give me. I love diamonds. Do you think he’ll give me diamonds? Oh, I hope he gives me diamonds!
Valentine’s Day is Saturday, party night. We’ll exchange gifts there. Oh, I can’t wait!
Miss Chloe

My New Hat

I decided to rummage through my lady’s bins of teddy bear paraphernalia last night, and play dress-up. Charlie snuck up and took a picture of me, in a most unbecoming pose. I wasn’t at all pleased with him. Charlie, however, thought it was quite funny.
After finding just the right ensemble I let Charlie take another (and much better I might add) picture of me.
I look quite stunning, don’t you think? I am so pretty!
I love the hat. I dream of having real teddy bear fur. Mind you, I like my unique look and I know I'm very pretty, but still, I don’t know why my lady put me in camouflage. Why, you can hardly make out my lovely purpley-blue eyes. Oh my.
Well, I’m off for Tuesday night shuffle board. I’m a very good shuffler.
Think I’ll wear my new hat!
Miss Chloe
PS: Now be sure to enlarge my pictures. I am so pretty!

Sorry Penny..

First, I need to publicly apologize to Penny. She hated the picture I took of her, and posted. I thought she looked great, but she doesn’t agree. She says she wasn’t at her best. Perhaps. Too much lemonade, me thinks.
She was in one of her moods, but she’s since forgiven me, she’s very forgiving. Her beau Charlie helped, by telling her how lovely he thought she was. I mean is.
Charlie took a few pictures last night, at Pinochle. I didn’t do too well, but Fred did great. Fred is my beau. He’s an early teddy, like me. He’s actually number two, but he thinks he’s number one. Men!
Nevertheless, I have a huge crush on Fred, he’s my main hug. He’s very sweet and quite the gentleman.
I’m posting two pictures of Fred and me, because we all couldn’t decide on just one.
Handsome, isn’t he!
Wonder what he’s getting me for Valentine’s Day?
Miss Chloe

Sleepy Sunday

Well, the party went on and on. What a night!
I finally got to sleep around 3AM. And slept most of, make that all of, today. It was very chilly outside, so it was nice to stay indoors, cozied up on my lady's studio bed, with all the gang. Lots of snoring going on. I just put my earplugs in and my eye shades on and all the world went drifting away.
Tonight we play Pinochle, but it'll be an early night.
Miss Chloe

Saturday Night Party

Our Saturday night party is winding down. It was great fun. Our entire cuddle of teddy bears attended, which is quite rare these days as some are a bit on the wobbly side. They not only attended, but danced. Amazing!
Poor little Penny was having a real hard time. Her right arm isn't on very well. (Don't tell anyone but she's thread jointed, poor thing.) She flung her bad arm over her shoulder and danced into the night. A real trooper. She mostly danced with Charlie, who she's got googly eyes for. And I do believe Charlie is equally smitten with her, loose arm and all.
Well, I'd better get back. I here limbo music, so maybe the party's winding back up. What fun!
Limbo anyone?
Oh, I managed to take a picture of Penny, but couldn't get Charlie to stand still long enough. Maybe next time.
Miss Chloe


My name is Miss Chloe and I'll be writing about all the goings on around me.
I live with a large cuddle of teddy bears. Wonderful teddies, I might add. We have so much fun. We have parties late at night and sleep all day long. What more could a teddy want?
We are very lucky indeed.
See ya!
Miss Chloe