I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Happy Spring!

Oh, I just love Spring! Flowers are blooming and birdies are building little homes for their babies-to-be. The sun is even coming out from behind the clouds a little more often, warming our hearts and souls.
So, in honor of Spring, I changed my colors!
What do you think? Isn’t this just so Springy!
I looked all over for a pretty color combination, but couldn’t find just what I wanted. As I sat on my lady’s bed, staring into a mirror on the wall, frustrated but not willing to give up, I saw them. Just the colors I was looking for. On me!
They were my very own colors! My colors are perfect! All I needed to do was look down. I’m Spring! I’ll have to thank my lady. Pretty Pretty!

Here’s a happy little poem for Spring:
Flowers bloom
in warm sunlight
Birdies sing
to Mother Nature’s delight.
Spring is magical
pure and clean
Spring is glorious
and oh so serene.

Happy Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Spring is in the Air

I ventured out into the garden last night, hoping to again visit with Carl. But Carl wasn’t anywhere to be found. Perhaps he really is destined to become a butterfly. Maybe he’ll flutter by someday soon. That would be nice. I could say hello to my friend and wish him well.
It was such a lovely evening. A sweet smell was in the air and tree frogs serenaded the moon as it played peek-a-boo from behind some clouds.
As I sat and pondered life, this bittersweet love poem took shape in my mind’s eye. I hope you like it.

When summer comes
and flowers bloom
I’ll be there beside you
I’ll smell your perfume.
You’ll hear a faint whisper
and feel the warmth of my touch
then you’ll smile that smile
I loved so much.

But it’s only the breeze
of summer you feel
touching and teasing
your heart.
For I am in winter now
‘tho my love will never part.

Miss Chloe
PS: Yes, I took this picture. Pretty Pretty!

Carl Caterpillar

I had a very interesting discussion with a caterpillar last night.
I decided to wander into the yard, as it was such a lovely evening. I saw a caterpillar walking by and bid him a good evening. The caterpillar decided to stop and chat for a while. He said his name was Carl and he was soon to become a butterfly. I thought that most peculiar, he didn’t at all look like a butterfly. Still, he insisted.
He also told me Spring was right around the corner. So I looked around the corner but could see no Spring. But again, he insisted.
Carl had a very scholarly look about him, especially with that lovely bow tie he was wearing, and he spoke with a great deal of authority. So he must be right.
We said our good-byes and he went on his way. As he slowly left my sight I wondered if he perhaps thought me to be a butterfly. I would be most flattered, if he had.
Later in the evening I told the cuddle of my little adventure and they all agreed, he indeed sounded like a most interesting fellow and obviously well educated. They would have enjoyed meeting him.
And they would definitely have to look around the corner some time, to see if Spring was there.
Miss Chloe

I am Me

I think I’m something special
high above the crowd
so high at times
I’m all alone
like sitting on a cloud.
But I don’t live in a make believe world
my thinking’s down to earth
I know who I am
and what I can be
I know just what I’m worth.
So when they ask of one another
just who does she think she be
I very proudly tell them
I am me!

I wrote a poem, then drew a picture with a cloud in it.
The cuddle loved them. So do I!
Miss Chloe

Pillow Talk

I have been putting a lot of effort into doing nothing. It’s given me much more time to spend with my cuddle. I sit on my favorite pillow and we while away the hours in peaceful chitter-chatter.
I’ve had this pillow for as long as I can remember. It’s quite large, so it’s dreamy to fall asleep on, which I often do. I find feathers poking out of it, every so often. And I’ve wondered: Who do these feathers belong to and how did they get here? We don’t have feathers. Are they birdie feathers?
Perhaps some birdies flew too fast and their feathers fell off and my lady caught the feathers as they fell from the sky. Or perhaps a large wind blew the feathers off the birdies. Or perhaps the birdies plucked them out themselves and offered them to my lady in thanks for leaving food out for them.
Then my lady made a pillow from these lovely feathers, just for me. And it’s pink! My favorite color!
I must write a thank-you note. It’s never too late to write thank-you notes.
But right now it’s time to curl up and take a nap, on my favorite pink pillow.
Miss Chloe

The Philosophizing Philosopher

My bones are missing, my hair is gone, my teeth I cannot see.
A life of leisure I aspire, then happy I will be.

I want to be a philosopher and philosophize, while being surrounded by my pillow laden cuddle. So that’s just what I’m going to do. The cuddle has always enjoyed my ramblings, they are all ears. And there are so many wondrous thoughts floating around in my polyfilled head.
I will put paw pad to key pad and amaze the world with my super duper thoughts. I may even write poetry. After all, I am a Pisces!
So, for now, I’m taking a sabbatical from globe trotting and swingy thingy hang gliding. Fred and Charlie are both in agreement. They too are missing a little from here and there, but still have a lot of spunk. And we all know Penny is barely hanging on to her left arm, so she’s totally for a little lazying around.
Charlie has rolled up his map, for now. But perhaps when the weather gets a bit warmer…
But no matter how comfy cozy lazy we may be, we’ll always have our parties, and we’ll always always dance.
Miss Chloe
Philosopher Poet Daydreamer Bear-Extraordinaire

Never Smile at a Crocodile

Oh my, we had quite a calamity the other night.
Our play, Peter Pan, started off beautifully. Peter, played superbly by Fred, flew in the nursery window of Wendy Darling with amazing grace. They then hooked me up to a swingy-thingy (they did not forewarn me at all) and I, being a trooper, flew off with Peter to Never-Never Land. It was lovely.
We flew to the island, played with the natives, saved Tiger-Lily (played by Penny) and fought with the pirates.
It wasn’t until Peter came to rescue me on the pirate ship that things went awry. Peter and Captain Hook (Charlie) were to have their final all-out sword fight, as I was about to walk the plank. This is where some pixie dust would’ve come in handy.
As Peter swooped in, his swingy-thingy caught the stage curtain. Peter, dragging the stage curtain behind, came crashing down, right into Hook, right into me. I fell off the plank, then the side of the pirate ship gave way and Peter and Hook fell off, landing on top of our clock bellied crocodile, and crushed it. Tinker Bell (Penny) somehow managed to stay aboard the ship, which amazed us since she was laughing so hard she could barely stand up. The three of us didn’t think it was so funny. However, the cuddle thought it was hilarious.
And it was. So we all started laughing.
Everyone survived the ordeal, well not the crocodile, but Fred did sprain his ankle some. He is staying off it, so hopefully it will heal fast.
We may rethink our next play, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and stay on solid ground for a while.
But what’s the fun in that!
Miss Chloe