I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe


His name was Cywart. Mr Wizard sent him in search of his wayward starship mates. Mates? We didn’t realize he’d considered us his mates. We were flattered.

Cywart had run into Breahilda who explained we were journeying by way of red slippers. He could follow our path, and hopefully find us, if he rubbed two hyperstye stones together. Hyperstye? We were trying to keep up but sadly lagging behind. Okay then, two rocks led Cywart to us. But where were we and why weren’t we home?
Cywart explained we’d found our way to Jazmiera, which is quite a lovely planet, most of the time. But as to why we weren’t home, he couldn’t say. Breahilda could better answer that one. However, Breahilda was on her way to rescue a group of Quassairians on holiday. They were planet hopping and their misguided sense of direction sent them in the wrong direction. My head was starting to spin.

Cywart told us that Mr Wizard needed our help and to shuttle us back just as soon as he found us. Our help? What could Mr Wizard need our help with? We were totally intrigued and eager to be on our way.
Rendezvous would be in two days. I guess we were doing a bit of planet hopping ourselves.
Miss Chloe

Oh My

We woke happy and eager to be moving on. But we still hadn’t a clue where we were, or really where to move on to. We decided the best thing to do was indeed nothing. So we played in the brook, ate lots of apples, and enjoyed the day. Which seemed to last a very long time. Too long. Would nighttime ever come? The sun just kept on shining. It didn’t go down or up or round and round. It didn’t seem to be moving at all. And there were two moons, or what looked like moons, on either side of the sun. How odd.

We were concerned with this constant daylight, but much more concerned with the echoing roars coming from just across the butterfly meadow.
We could see the tall trees seriously swaying. Then we saw a green head, a very large green head on a very long neck bobbing from the treetops, its mouth overflowing with leaves. Make that two. Oh my.

It was definitely time to be moving on. But how to leave wherever it was we were? And before those eating machines came to eat us!
Then I remembered. I looked down and saw I was still wearing the red slippers. Should I dare click them again? Look where they landed us the first time around. We quickly agreed to give it another go. We had nothing to lose. Actually we had a lot to lose, by staying. It was our only choice, our only chance. We formed a circle, held hands, closed our eyes, and I tapped three times saying “There’s no place like home.”

We fell into the same deep sleep. Time passed, or maybe stood still. When we woke and opened our eyes, eyes were staring back at us. But whose, is that a who? And where were we now?
On my.
Miss Chloe

In a Meadow Chasing Butterflies

Breahilda meant well, but her aim was a little off.

We had fallen fast asleep. How much time had passed or how far we traveled, we couldn’t say. We had hoped to be going home, but that was not to be.
We awoke in a meadow filled with flowers and butterflies. It was a gloriously warm sunny day. We were happy to be off and away from Zyzabor and the Eerts. This, however, didn’t look like home.

We all felt amazingly refreshed, even if we didn’t know where we were. And for the moment it didn’t seem to matter. We romped in the tall grass and were intoxicated by the scent of all the lovely flowers. We were together and we were happy.
At the edge of the meadow we found an apple tree and nibbled on its sun ripened fruit. Nearby was a delightful babbling brook, the perfect place to freshen up.

We didn’t quite know where to go or what to do, so we did nothing. We decided to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. So we set up a makeshift camp, and took a nap. All this happiness was tiring. Life was good!

Miss Chloe

My Looking Glass

Through my looking glass
I can see
another me.

One who can
laugh and play
and sleep her days away.

Carefree is me
in that parallel land
I can be she
just reach for my hand.

Pull me across
help me pass
back on through
my looking glass.

The other
Miss Chloe

The Eerts

We woke refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Breahilda had watched over us the whole night through. We were in Breahilda’s color bubble. No matter where we walked the bubble came with us. How delightful. After nibbling some delicious berries we were ready and eager to be on our way.

Breahilda warned us of the dangers we might encounter, that we'd entered the land of the Eerts, who were unwelcoming, grumpy and just plain mean spirited. She told us to stay close, walk quickly and be wary of our surroundings. Well, that sounded ominous.

We headed out along a path that looked vaguely familiar, but yet not. Everything outside our color bubble looked so bleak and uninviting. We were ever so grateful not to be out there. Our worries slowly faded and we hummed a pretty tune as we walked.

But the forest had thickened and grew ever so eerie, and our worries quickly returned. Some trees were so close they entered our bubble. These were the Eerts.
Breahilda hurried us along, but the Eerts were everywhere. And they looked angry. Our path was blocked, we had no where to go and the Eerts were closing in fast. We were so frightened we couldn’t move, talk, think, or even breathe. We turned to Breahilda, silently begging for help. She knew there was but one way out.

Breahilda told us to close our eyes and for me to tap my slippers together three times and say “there’s no place like home”. What slippers? I looked down and saw I was wearing red slippers. Was this déjà vu? No time to ponder that now. We closed our eyes and I tapped as I said those magical words.

We’re home!
Or are we?

Miss Chloe


We wandered for several hours, everything looking the same. The darkening sky gave this black and white world a strange glow. The trees looked haunting and menacing.
We stood close together, frightened, not knowing what to do.
Then we heard what sounded like a faint voice. We looked around but saw nothing. All of a sudden a fairy appeared. She too glowed, but her glow was enchanting and lovely. She said her name was Breahilda and had come because she heard our sorrow and fear, though we had said very little. Her presence immediately calmed our worries.
Breahilda was beautiful and in color! And everything around her was in color, including us. We were delighted. She told us we had wandered far from our starship, into unsafe lands. Too far to return that night, we’d have to stay in the forest until morning, when she’d show us the way back.
We had been shivering from the cold. Breahilda waved her wand and we were comfy warm again. She waved her wand once more and a soft straw bed appeared, ready and waiting for our tired selves. We cuddled up close and fell fast asleep, knowing Breahilda would be there all the night long.

Breahilda wondered how we’d gotten so far, so safely. She knew our journey back might not be so uneventful. But she didn’t let on that night. She let us peacefully sleep, without worry of what tomorrow might bring.

Miss Chloe

The World in Black and White

As we approached Zyzabor we could see Mr Wizard’s story was no fairy tale. The atmosphere was an eerie black and white. As we prepared to land something even eerier was happening. We and our surroundings were transforming, we were becoming black and white.
Oh horror of horrors, I was black and white!

Mr Wizard saw our dismay and gave us each a pair of glasses. When we put them on all color was restored. What a relief! However, take them off and all was black and white again. We decided to keep them on as much as possible.

Mr Wizard sternly reminded us not to stray, then zoomed away in his hovercraft, to make deliveries. And we planned on doing just that. We played a few games of pinochle, I did a little starship redecorating, and Penny read us poetry. We were minding our P’s and Q’s (whatever that means). We were being good.

We were taking a short nap when we were awakened by a thump, then another thump. It sounded like it was coming from inside the starship. We heard another even louder thump, then the lights flickered and went out. We were sitting in complete darkness. And the thumping was getting closer.
Fred found a laser light and switched it on. The thumping was so loud and so close, but we could see nothing. We panicked.

Being frightened out of our fabric and not at all thinking clearly, we ran out of the starship and as far away as we could. To our relief the thumping hadn’t followed us. But we’d left our special colorizing glasses behind and everything looked alike in black and white. We realized we were hopelessly, dismally, indubitably lost.
To be continued...

Monochromatic Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Zyzabor ..The Pushy Planet

Mr Wizard sat us all down and told us about Zyzabor, the dark planet, which is where we're headed next.

Many years ago the Zyzaborians found a way to move their planet. They were out in the far reaches of their solar system and wanted to reap the benefits of being closer to the sun. So little by little they crept closer in, pushing and shoving, disturbing life on the neighboring planets.

The other planets grew very angry, banded together and took action. They banished Zyzabor to the far far reaches of the solar system, even farther out than they’d been before. And to add insult to injury, denied them the pleasure of color. Zyzabor would forever be in black and white. The Zyzaborians are now a disgruntled lot, who don’t take kindly to strangers.

Mr Wizard somehow knows of our wanderings on Serentular and begs we not do the same on Zyzabor. We sadly agreed. He will take his little hovercraft, delivery his what-nots and be back as soon as he can.

Oh, but I so want to see a black and white planet.
Maybe just a quick peek.

Miss Chloe

Farewell Lovely Serentularians!

The Serentularians were so very warm and friendly. We had a delightful time with them. They even asked us to stay. We were quite flattered, even considered their proposal, but decided to move on.
This planet is so colorful I’m afraid I’d blend right in and no one would see me. Oh what an awful thought!

They gave us this mushroom thingy as a going away present. They’d noticed we were admiring it, well I was admiring it. They even carried it back to the ship for us. How sweet!

We said our farewells and climbed aboard the starship. Mr Wizard returned from his deliveries just moments after. Since he told us not to stray away and we hadn’t run into him on our wanderings, we decided not to tell him exactly what we’d been up to.
He did, however, notice the large mushroom thingy, as he busily walked by. He hasn’t inquired about it, yet. Since we don’t know what we’d tell him, I quick sat on it, so he wouldn't see it. Maybe he’ll forget it’s even here.

We’re settling back in and preparing to warp away. The next delivery is to a dark planet. We’re not sure what that means, or even what Mr Wizard's delivering. It’s at the far reaches of this galaxy, so maybe it’s just not sunny bright and colorful, like Serentular. But it should be lovely!

Miss Chloe