I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Follow Your Dream..

This has been quite a summer. A wonderful magical summer. And the magic continues...

For the past few weeks I've been taking flying lessons. And I just received my private pilot's license. Can you imagine!

I flew home and surprised everyone. Then my darling Fred suggested we take a trip around the world. This time, in my very own airplane!
Yes, Fred bought me this lovely airplane while I was still in flight school. Fred still has most of his lottery winnings, as we wound up on a banana boat last time, then the Galactic Wizard took us on a cosmic adventure.
I said yes and we're off to explore the world!

Once again we must bid our friends goodbye. Penny and Charlie were sad to see us go, but also thrilled for us. They said they were very happy to be home with the cuddle. I promised to send postcards.

So Fred and I are off on yet another adventure.
We wish you well and to always have peace, love, and happiness in your heart.
Be true to yourself.
We love you all!
Miss Chloe

Postcard from the Clear Blue Skies

My Dearest F, P, C, and C
Oh, what a summer! And the fun just keeps on coming. More on that in a moment.

I've had a glorious stay at Great Aunt Edna's. I was in a surfing competition last week and came in first in my group. Then there was the end of summer beach party, which was totally jazzed. We even did the limbo, one of my favs. The party lasted till dawn. It was grand!

I had such a wonderful time and was a bit saddened when I packed to leave. I will truly miss the ocean with its soft breezes, the dreamy sound of the waves rushing to shore and the delightful ozone aroma the ocean shares with us.

And I miss even more my Fred and my dear friends Penny and Charlie, and all the cuddle. So it's with a bittersweet note that I have to say ..I may be gone a wee bit longer.

One of the surfers is also a pilot. And he's offered to give me flying lessons! Now I know we've been pretty much all over the universe, but I never had control of, well, the controls. I'm so excited!
I took my first lesson just yesterday and I can already see that I'm going to love flying. Tom, my instructor, says I'm a natural. I took the controls and we stayed straight and level. In a few short weeks I'll be going solo. Oh, I can't wait!
Tom's plane lives at a small airport just east of here. I'm staying close by so I can fly every day. Tom's mother is putting me up at her place. Isn't that lovely! Oh I'm so excited. Flying lessons! When I return home I'll have my private pilot's license, so I can take you all up for a ride!

Well I'm off to beddy-bye. We're going to hit the skies at dawn.
Hope you all are well and having as much fun as I am!
Miss Chloe

Postcard from the Water’s Edge

Dear Fred, Penny, Charlie, and all the Cuddle
I’m having a lovely time, here at Great Aunt Edna’s, though I do miss you all terribly.
After a lovely little respite I’m feeling ever so much better. I took long walks along the beach and watched the surfers surf. I became so intrigued I decided I must try surfing. After only a few tries I was up and surfing. I wasn’t a hoodad for long.
The surf was up last week. Huge swells came through. It was pumping. And I shot the curl! I was tubed, I rode the barrel. It was far out, it was epic. I was stoked. It was gnarly.
That's me in the top photo, though I'm hard to make out.
The locals are calling me the itty bitty, very colorful Kahuna. They say I’m a natural. This is way better than sky diving!
I may be staying a wee bit longer. There’s a big beach party at the end of summer that I’ve been invited to. It would be rude of me to decline.
Well, I must get my beauty rest. They say surf conditions will be supreme tomorrow morning. No ankle slop.
Maybe I’ll get to ride the perfect wave.
Miss Chloe

The Proxy Posse Post

Hello all. Fred here. Miss Chloe has asked me (and Charlie) to step in for her. So we’re the official proxy posse. Okay, okay. Charlie wants everyone to know he thought that one up. Okay, look I’ve already told them. Miss Penny is busy packing for our next adventure. More on that later.

Yes, Miss Chloe swooned. I grabbed that large flower to fan her, but it really didn’t do the job. She finally came around however, after I sprinkled her with some water. She didn’t much like that.

Miss Chloe is a bit under the weather. She's all tuckered out from saving Mr Wizard and all of Zyzabor. So we’ve sent her off to visit her Great Aunt Edna who has a lovely little cottage right on the ocean's shore. Miss Chloe loves the ocean and visiting with Great Aunt Edna. We think both will do wonders for her.

When she returns we hope to further investigate the time machine sitting in our backyard. Charlie and I found an instruction booklet which we’ve been studying. No? Charlie thinks Miss Chloe needs to get settled back in before we embark on a new adventure. I say, and I think Miss Chloe would agree, it’s best to get right back on the horse!
Okay, okay. Charlie is nudging me to add that we’re not sure how long Miss Chloe will be convalescing at the sea shore, but we all hope it won’t be for too long.

I miss my sweetie terribly, but I know how much she needs this rest. And I mustn’t let on, or she might come home before she’s ready. Yes, yes, okay. Charlie wants me to also add that Miss Penny is well and actually eager to try out the time machine. All this travel has put quite a bit of spunk in Miss Penny, and Charlie likes that. Yes. Look, I just added that. Maybe you should write the next one. I hate backseat writers!

Well, there it is. Charlie, Penny and I are off to play a rousing game of shuffleboard.
So, later gator.
Proxy hugs from
Miss Chloe

Home Again

Was it all a dream?
How we managed to get ourselves out of that predicament and home, none of us knew. One minute we’re on Zyzabor, next minute we’re home, tucked safely in our comfy warm beds. Something to do with red slippers? We just couldn’t remember. But we were home!
We all slept for 10 days! The cuddle was thrilled we were home, but they could see how very tired we were, so they let us sleep and sleep.

Now that we’re refreshed, it’s story time! And it’s been such fun telling them of all our many adventures. I think we’ll have stories to tell for quite some time.

Fred noticed an envelope tucked in his waistcoat pocket. It was addressed to the four of us, from Mr Wizard. We eagerly listened as Fred read us the letter:

To my four wonderful Galactic companions,
You have been a joy to have on board my starship. I had hoped to show you more of the Galaxy, but things didn’t work out quite as planned, as we ran into a few unexpected obstacles.
In the face of danger you showed your true colors. You were all so brave and eager to help, when help was so very much needed. I, and Breahilda, will forever be grateful.
To show my gratitude I have sent along a small gift. It sits just outside your domain.
Use it wisely.
Your friend,
The Galactic Wizard

A gift, Oh goody goody!
We ran down the stairs and looked out back. There stood an odd object. What was it? Fred read the note attached.
It was a time machine!
I think I fainted.
Miss Chloe

The Word

I was clueless.
So I decided to sit full lotus and meditate.
It didn’t take long before all became clear, I knew the word!
Penny, Charlie, Fred and I clasped hands, closed our eyes and I spoke the word.
A swirly thing happened and then we heard music. We opened our eyes to find the word had revealed a portal, which we eagerly stepped through.

We were back on Zyzabor. But not a black and white Zyzabor, this Zyzabor was beautiful, and in living color. In front of us stood Mr Wizard, staff in hand, his flowing robe vibrant with color. Next to him was the lovely Breahilda, glowing in the warm sunlight. The Eerts were there, too. They no longer had angry eyes, their eyes were happy. Magnificently colored flowers were everywhere, and they were singing. It seemed everything was either singing or humming, in the key of C.

The word was the key and the key was music, which lifted the spell that hung over Zyzabor and freeing Mr Wizard.
Mr Wizard, softly smiling, thanked us. As did Breahilda, who told us our pureness of heart was really the key. Our task was done, we could go home whenever we were ready.

I looked down and saw the red slippers had once again made their way to my foot pads. We wanted to stay and enjoy this new found beauty, but we were also eager to go home. So, one last time, we held hands and closed our eyes, while I tapped three times saying “There’s no place like home.”

It seems we fell into a deep sleep, and slept for a very long time. When we awoke, we were home.
Miss Chloe

Pure of Heart

If you are pure of heart
the answer you seek
will impart.
If you can’t you really can
the truth lies
across that span.
Of wisdoms you remember not
truths once known
but now forgot.
The key lies in a single word
the key you will see
when the word is heard.
Miss Chloe


We didn’t know what to make of it. Was it a riddle, was it a rhyme? It must mean something.
Penny wondered why we were looking at her so oddly. Well, at least Penny was back, but from where we didn’t know. She couldn’t recall a thing, she thought she’d just fallen asleep, as she so often does.

A beautiful brightly colored sphere of light floated down toward us. It was Breahilda. She had felt our anguish and heard our cry for help. Though she could do little, perhaps a little would do enough.

Breahilda explained that Penny’s rhyme spoke of opposites and in opposites was the key. That the key wasn’t an object of real, but an essence of thought, which lies within. Turning to me she added, “Look deep in your heart, Chloe, for there you will find the key.”

She could say no more, except that when the task was complete we try the red slippers one more time. She now knew why they hadn’t worked: We were still needed here. Breahilda wished us well and drifted away in her sphere of light.

The thought of going home set our minds wandering. Home, to dance with my lady and laze with the cuddle, to burn brownies and play rousing games of Pinochle.

It was time to go home.
Miss Chloe


What knowledge are they talking about? Within us where? And how will we ever find it?
As we sat pondering our latest dilemma we noticed that Penny seemed far far away.
Staring straight ahead, with eyes glazed over, she murmured:
"If red was green and green was yellow
if you were he and he were thee
if down was up and up was under
if the key is the answer, the answer is the key."
Oh my Oh dear.

Miss Chloe

The Key

We slowly acclimated to the swaying, if not our surroundings. Just what we were in, or how we got in whatever we were in, will remain a mystery to us. But we had our things about us, so we were happy and content.

Cywart invited us to dine with him, so we put on our finest and joined him for dinner. The dining room was exquisitely decorated with crystal chandeliers, tapestry wall hangings, plush carpeting and velvety red drapes. No odd brown rubbery walls to look at here. Perhaps we could get some tapestry for our walls.
Dinner was more like a feast and we all ate far too much. It was delightful. We then adjourned to a lovely sitting room, where Cywart told us of our quest.
Our Quest?

He went on and on, but here’s the scoop:
Mr Wizard, aka the Galactic Wizard, was cunningly captured and is being held by the Eerts, who tried to capture us as well. But that didn’t work, as Breahilda came to our rescue. She couldn’t free Mr Wizard, as he was deep underground and heavily guarded from above.

Breahilda’s evil twin sister Mourghilda was behind Zyzabor’s fling into the outer limits and for their black and white predicament. The Eerts wanted to again be in good favor with the other planets. But to do so they needed Mr Wizard’s help. (They could have just asked.)
They also needed the key. And it wasn’t in Mr Wizard’s power to get it. It was in ours.

Unbeknownst to us we had been given the knowledge to find the key and it was now all up to us. To use that knowledge, to find the key.
Oh my.
Miss Chloe


Our trip was pleasantly uneventful. Mr Wizard knew we enjoyed eating and reading, and sleeping, so he saw to it that the fridge was well stocked, along with an ample supply of books and pillows. How absolutely delightful.
This lovely trip was all too short. Before we knew it we were circling Syzar, Cywart’s home planet.

Little could be seen out the small windows, but what we did see appeared a bit overexposed. There were two suns and the surface looked bare, bleak, and barren. Not at all pretty.
We landed near a bunch of bumps in the ground. The bumps had funny ridges and long things sticking out. How odd. I wasn’t much liking Syzar.

We were readying ourselves to disembark, presumably by way of the door, when Cywart led us to a small room. We were asked to stand together in a circle, under what looked like a giant old-fashioned hair dryer. Cywart then pulled a lever and we disappeared. He could have warned us.
For the longest split second of our lives, we were nowhere. We had no form, no substance. It was like red slipper traveling, but far more unsettling, as we were awake for this trip. Thankfully it was short and fast.

We reappeared in another such room. Our legs were all wobbly as we stepped out of the circle. We tried to get our footing but the room was swaying, like the SS Bearington did. I had to stop and savor the memory of the South Seas.
We were escorted to our quarters, where we found all our belongings. Charlie’s camera, my fur, everything was there! Oh how lovely!

But the room itself was quite unusual. The walls were a grayish color, and rubbery, with no windows. This room too was gently swaying. Were we in motion? Fred and Charlie decided to go investigate. Penny and I stayed behind, being content just to have our things about.
They returned rather quickly, their faces a bit pale. When they told us where we were our faces grew even paler.

We were in one of those bumps we’d seen. And we were swaying because the bump was moving. All the bumps were moving. We were in a living breathing moving bump. A caravan of bumps.
Oh my.
Miss Chloe


His name was Cywart. Mr Wizard sent him in search of his wayward starship mates. Mates? We didn’t realize he’d considered us his mates. We were flattered.

Cywart had run into Breahilda who explained we were journeying by way of red slippers. He could follow our path, and hopefully find us, if he rubbed two hyperstye stones together. Hyperstye? We were trying to keep up but sadly lagging behind. Okay then, two rocks led Cywart to us. But where were we and why weren’t we home?
Cywart explained we’d found our way to Jazmiera, which is quite a lovely planet, most of the time. But as to why we weren’t home, he couldn’t say. Breahilda could better answer that one. However, Breahilda was on her way to rescue a group of Quassairians on holiday. They were planet hopping and their misguided sense of direction sent them in the wrong direction. My head was starting to spin.

Cywart told us that Mr Wizard needed our help and to shuttle us back just as soon as he found us. Our help? What could Mr Wizard need our help with? We were totally intrigued and eager to be on our way.
Rendezvous would be in two days. I guess we were doing a bit of planet hopping ourselves.
Miss Chloe

Oh My

We woke happy and eager to be moving on. But we still hadn’t a clue where we were, or really where to move on to. We decided the best thing to do was indeed nothing. So we played in the brook, ate lots of apples, and enjoyed the day. Which seemed to last a very long time. Too long. Would nighttime ever come? The sun just kept on shining. It didn’t go down or up or round and round. It didn’t seem to be moving at all. And there were two moons, or what looked like moons, on either side of the sun. How odd.

We were concerned with this constant daylight, but much more concerned with the echoing roars coming from just across the butterfly meadow.
We could see the tall trees seriously swaying. Then we saw a green head, a very large green head on a very long neck bobbing from the treetops, its mouth overflowing with leaves. Make that two. Oh my.

It was definitely time to be moving on. But how to leave wherever it was we were? And before those eating machines came to eat us!
Then I remembered. I looked down and saw I was still wearing the red slippers. Should I dare click them again? Look where they landed us the first time around. We quickly agreed to give it another go. We had nothing to lose. Actually we had a lot to lose, by staying. It was our only choice, our only chance. We formed a circle, held hands, closed our eyes, and I tapped three times saying “There’s no place like home.”

We fell into the same deep sleep. Time passed, or maybe stood still. When we woke and opened our eyes, eyes were staring back at us. But whose, is that a who? And where were we now?
On my.
Miss Chloe

In a Meadow Chasing Butterflies

Breahilda meant well, but her aim was a little off.

We had fallen fast asleep. How much time had passed or how far we traveled, we couldn’t say. We had hoped to be going home, but that was not to be.
We awoke in a meadow filled with flowers and butterflies. It was a gloriously warm sunny day. We were happy to be off and away from Zyzabor and the Eerts. This, however, didn’t look like home.

We all felt amazingly refreshed, even if we didn’t know where we were. And for the moment it didn’t seem to matter. We romped in the tall grass and were intoxicated by the scent of all the lovely flowers. We were together and we were happy.
At the edge of the meadow we found an apple tree and nibbled on its sun ripened fruit. Nearby was a delightful babbling brook, the perfect place to freshen up.

We didn’t quite know where to go or what to do, so we did nothing. We decided to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. So we set up a makeshift camp, and took a nap. All this happiness was tiring. Life was good!

Miss Chloe

My Looking Glass

Through my looking glass
I can see
another me.

One who can
laugh and play
and sleep her days away.

Carefree is me
in that parallel land
I can be she
just reach for my hand.

Pull me across
help me pass
back on through
my looking glass.

The other
Miss Chloe

The Eerts

We woke refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Breahilda had watched over us the whole night through. We were in Breahilda’s color bubble. No matter where we walked the bubble came with us. How delightful. After nibbling some delicious berries we were ready and eager to be on our way.

Breahilda warned us of the dangers we might encounter, that we'd entered the land of the Eerts, who were unwelcoming, grumpy and just plain mean spirited. She told us to stay close, walk quickly and be wary of our surroundings. Well, that sounded ominous.

We headed out along a path that looked vaguely familiar, but yet not. Everything outside our color bubble looked so bleak and uninviting. We were ever so grateful not to be out there. Our worries slowly faded and we hummed a pretty tune as we walked.

But the forest had thickened and grew ever so eerie, and our worries quickly returned. Some trees were so close they entered our bubble. These were the Eerts.
Breahilda hurried us along, but the Eerts were everywhere. And they looked angry. Our path was blocked, we had no where to go and the Eerts were closing in fast. We were so frightened we couldn’t move, talk, think, or even breathe. We turned to Breahilda, silently begging for help. She knew there was but one way out.

Breahilda told us to close our eyes and for me to tap my slippers together three times and say “there’s no place like home”. What slippers? I looked down and saw I was wearing red slippers. Was this déjà vu? No time to ponder that now. We closed our eyes and I tapped as I said those magical words.

We’re home!
Or are we?

Miss Chloe


We wandered for several hours, everything looking the same. The darkening sky gave this black and white world a strange glow. The trees looked haunting and menacing.
We stood close together, frightened, not knowing what to do.
Then we heard what sounded like a faint voice. We looked around but saw nothing. All of a sudden a fairy appeared. She too glowed, but her glow was enchanting and lovely. She said her name was Breahilda and had come because she heard our sorrow and fear, though we had said very little. Her presence immediately calmed our worries.
Breahilda was beautiful and in color! And everything around her was in color, including us. We were delighted. She told us we had wandered far from our starship, into unsafe lands. Too far to return that night, we’d have to stay in the forest until morning, when she’d show us the way back.
We had been shivering from the cold. Breahilda waved her wand and we were comfy warm again. She waved her wand once more and a soft straw bed appeared, ready and waiting for our tired selves. We cuddled up close and fell fast asleep, knowing Breahilda would be there all the night long.

Breahilda wondered how we’d gotten so far, so safely. She knew our journey back might not be so uneventful. But she didn’t let on that night. She let us peacefully sleep, without worry of what tomorrow might bring.

Miss Chloe