I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

The Key

We slowly acclimated to the swaying, if not our surroundings. Just what we were in, or how we got in whatever we were in, will remain a mystery to us. But we had our things about us, so we were happy and content.

Cywart invited us to dine with him, so we put on our finest and joined him for dinner. The dining room was exquisitely decorated with crystal chandeliers, tapestry wall hangings, plush carpeting and velvety red drapes. No odd brown rubbery walls to look at here. Perhaps we could get some tapestry for our walls.
Dinner was more like a feast and we all ate far too much. It was delightful. We then adjourned to a lovely sitting room, where Cywart told us of our quest.
Our Quest?

He went on and on, but here’s the scoop:
Mr Wizard, aka the Galactic Wizard, was cunningly captured and is being held by the Eerts, who tried to capture us as well. But that didn’t work, as Breahilda came to our rescue. She couldn’t free Mr Wizard, as he was deep underground and heavily guarded from above.

Breahilda’s evil twin sister Mourghilda was behind Zyzabor’s fling into the outer limits and for their black and white predicament. The Eerts wanted to again be in good favor with the other planets. But to do so they needed Mr Wizard’s help. (They could have just asked.)
They also needed the key. And it wasn’t in Mr Wizard’s power to get it. It was in ours.

Unbeknownst to us we had been given the knowledge to find the key and it was now all up to us. To use that knowledge, to find the key.
Oh my.
Miss Chloe