I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe

Postcard from the Clear Blue Skies

My Dearest F, P, C, and C
Oh, what a summer! And the fun just keeps on coming. More on that in a moment.

I've had a glorious stay at Great Aunt Edna's. I was in a surfing competition last week and came in first in my group. Then there was the end of summer beach party, which was totally jazzed. We even did the limbo, one of my favs. The party lasted till dawn. It was grand!

I had such a wonderful time and was a bit saddened when I packed to leave. I will truly miss the ocean with its soft breezes, the dreamy sound of the waves rushing to shore and the delightful ozone aroma the ocean shares with us.

And I miss even more my Fred and my dear friends Penny and Charlie, and all the cuddle. So it's with a bittersweet note that I have to say ..I may be gone a wee bit longer.

One of the surfers is also a pilot. And he's offered to give me flying lessons! Now I know we've been pretty much all over the universe, but I never had control of, well, the controls. I'm so excited!
I took my first lesson just yesterday and I can already see that I'm going to love flying. Tom, my instructor, says I'm a natural. I took the controls and we stayed straight and level. In a few short weeks I'll be going solo. Oh, I can't wait!
Tom's plane lives at a small airport just east of here. I'm staying close by so I can fly every day. Tom's mother is putting me up at her place. Isn't that lovely! Oh I'm so excited. Flying lessons! When I return home I'll have my private pilot's license, so I can take you all up for a ride!

Well I'm off to beddy-bye. We're going to hit the skies at dawn.
Hope you all are well and having as much fun as I am!
Miss Chloe