I'm Miss Chloe..

..philosopher, poet, daydreamer, adventurer.
But mostly I'm a carefree flibbertigibbet!
I and my lovely companions Penny, Charlie,
and my sweetheart Fred
have taken to the roads, seas, and skies
in search of adventure.
Come along with us on our psychedelic journeys!
Warm Hugs,
Miss Chloe


We wandered for several hours, everything looking the same. The darkening sky gave this black and white world a strange glow. The trees looked haunting and menacing.
We stood close together, frightened, not knowing what to do.
Then we heard what sounded like a faint voice. We looked around but saw nothing. All of a sudden a fairy appeared. She too glowed, but her glow was enchanting and lovely. She said her name was Breahilda and had come because she heard our sorrow and fear, though we had said very little. Her presence immediately calmed our worries.
Breahilda was beautiful and in color! And everything around her was in color, including us. We were delighted. She told us we had wandered far from our starship, into unsafe lands. Too far to return that night, we’d have to stay in the forest until morning, when she’d show us the way back.
We had been shivering from the cold. Breahilda waved her wand and we were comfy warm again. She waved her wand once more and a soft straw bed appeared, ready and waiting for our tired selves. We cuddled up close and fell fast asleep, knowing Breahilda would be there all the night long.

Breahilda wondered how we’d gotten so far, so safely. She knew our journey back might not be so uneventful. But she didn’t let on that night. She let us peacefully sleep, without worry of what tomorrow might bring.

Miss Chloe